Tulip Nebula, Sh2-101

September 2021

Imaging: TS80 apo, ZWO ASI533 (gain 100), L-Enhance
Subs: 294x120s (9.8h), darks, flats, and darkflats
Software: NINA, Phd2, PixInsight

(Additional notes below)



This is the so-called Tulip Nebula. Astrophotography of deep space nebula is a little like cloud watching, I suppose, but a lot more expensive! According to Wikipedia, this nebula is about 6000 LY from earth. It is actually close to a suspected black hole and in good photos from dark skies, you can see something called a "bow shock" caused by jets from blackhole. Unfortunately, this is not at all visible in my photo.

I took the images for this photo over 4 nights in early September. This would not normally be on my target list but it was the challenge target for September on my astronomy forum and I wanted a comparison of what I could produce versus what others both more and less experienced came up with.