M103 (open cluster)

Early Nov 2020

Imaging: ST120 achro, Canon 1000D, no filter, no guiding
Subs: 200x0.5s (0.03h)
Processing: DSS (stacking), mycode (post)

(Additional notes below)



I now have many of the pieces of a setup, but not a critical piece: the tracking mount. I figured I might as well start trying to at least take some photos to at least get the mechanics down. Without a tracking mount, shutter time for my scope and camera is limited to about 1/2s before star trails become significant.

This picture is in the area of M103 (bright star is Rukbat in Cassiopeiae) so I was *hoping* to see something since M103 is reasonably bright. Unfortunately, as you can see, absolutely nothing shows up, but I include it as my baseline. It has to get better than this!