IC434, Horsehead Nebula

Jan/Feb 2021

Imaging: ST120 achro, Canon 1000D 400ISO, L-Pro filter
Subs: 288x2m (9.6h), bias, darks, and flats
Processing: PixInsight

(Additional notes below)



This is a DSO favorite for amateur astophotographers... The Horsehead Nebula (and Flame Nebula on the left). This is just above the Orion Nebula and the bright star is Alnitak in Orion's belt. This is actually much redder than shown here but my camera is not as sensitive to Ha. (Ha is the Hydrogen Alpha wavelength forming the red background.)

I captured this over 7 nights from late Jan 2021 through early Feb 2021. This was the first for my "improved" imaging setup comprising straight 2" through (removed the 2"-1.25" adapter), guided, and with L-Pro filter. The L-Pro filter helps with the light pollution without losing too much of the color of targets such as this.