Andromeda Galaxy, M31

Nov 2021

Imaging: TS80 apo, ZWO ASI533 (100 gain, 0C), Neodymium
Subs: 677x60s (11h), darks, flats, and darkflats
Software: NINA, Phd2, PixInsight

(Additional notes below)



Our closest galactic neighbor, the Andromeda galaxy. This is one of the most recognizable night sky objects, visible to the naked eye especially in dark sky conditions. According to Wikipedia, it is a barred spiral galaxy approximately 2.5M LY from us and getting closer by a couple billion miles every year. (We are expected to collide in around 4-5 billion years.) There is some uncertainty in the measurement, but it is roughly the same mass as our Milky Way. So, we literally have another galaxy as big as ours basically right next door!

This was the first DSO I imaged when I started a year ago. The mark of a good image of Andromeda is good resolution on the dark dust lanes and being able to see some detail into the core. I am happy to say that this image is much improved than my first ones. The dust lanes are quite distinct and extend close to the core. One nit I have with this image is that the entire galaxy doesn't quite fit. The galaxy tips extend quite a bit further than shown. Unfortunately, what I can capture is limited by the size of my camera sensor and getting a more widefield image would take different equipment or a mosaic

To see the change from my Dec 2020 version, take a look at this GIF.