Imaging Planner


This planner shows the possible imaging times for the specified DSO from my backyard. It incorporates hard-coded values for my location and horizon so it is not a general tool. However, you are free to copy/modify for your own use.

Andromeda M31
Bubble NGC7635
Dumbell M27
Eagle M16
Elephant IC1396
Globular M3
Globular M5
Heart IC1805
Hercules M13
Horsehead @IC434
Jellyfish IC443
Lagoon M8
Leo Triplet @M66
Markarian @M86
N. America NGC7000
Open Cluster M67
Orion M42
Pleiades M45
Ring M57
Rosette C49
Seagull IC2177
Sombrero M104
Sadr IC1318
Thor NGC2359
Trifid M20
Veil NGC6960

Location: Edison, NJ (Lat 40.5187N, Long -74.4121W)
Limit #1: 145-190° AZ, 30°+ ALT
Limit #2: 190-230° AZ, 65°+ ALT
Limit #3: 230-280° AZ, 30°+ ALT
Limit #4: 280-10° AZ, 60°+ ALT

The javascript source code for this planner is Apache licensed. Copying is welcomed.